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Krumiri of Casale

Known all over Italy, the krumiri of Casale Monferrato were created by Domenico Rossi: the official birth date of these short pastry biscuits - whose name probably derives from a famous local liquor - is 1878.

Since then, their inventor has received many recognitions, from the awards at the World Expo in Turin (1884) to the granting of the license of Supplier of the Dukes of Aosta, Genova, and the Italian Royal House. Until the recognition - given to Rossi by the Mayor of Casale in 1890 - of the paternity of krumiri, protected by license since 1972.
According to the legend, the bent shape of krumiri is a homage to King Vittorio Emanuele II handlebar-shaped moustache. Anyway, the dough - made with flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla - is cut and bent by hand, then it is knurled with a special tool. After baking, the biscuits - weighing about 10 grams each - are packaged in tin boxes.

Krumiri of Casale
Krumiri of Casale
(photo by: Archivio Aree Protette Po vercellese-alessandrino)
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