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Torinese Area (the Po of the Kings)

The area of the Po of the Kings, densely urbanized, is characterized by a rich texture of elegant and solemn baroque architectures witnessing the period in which Turin, taking Vienna and Paris as models, was one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Here the Kings who decided the fate of the State used to live. However, Turin was and still is a crossroads for pilgrims and merchants, soldiers and artists, researchers and entrepreneurs who have given and continue to give their contribution, enriching the lively cultural, artistic, and architectural texture of the town and its surroundings.

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Bela Rosin Mausoleum in Turin
A copy of the Pantheon for the morganatic wife of the first king of Italy
Torino (TO)
Bertolla Laundry Ecomuseum in Turin
To remember a disappeared profession
Torino (TO)
Botanic Gardens in Turin
Founded in 1729
Torino (TO)
Drosso Castle in Turin
Born as fortified area
Torino (TO)
Fountains of the Rivers Po and Dora in Turin
Allegory of Neo-Rationalism by Piacentini
Torino (TO)
Freidano Ecomuseum in Settimo Torinese
The work of man linked to water
Settimo Torinese (TO)
Gran Madre Church in Turin
To remember Vittorio Emanuele I's return from exile
Torino (TO)
Moncalieri Royal Castle
Particularly dear to Carlo Alberto
Moncalieri (TO)
Monte dei Cappuccini in Turin
Observation point above the town
Torino (TO)
Murazzi in Turin
Walking at the level of water
Torino (TO)
Olympic Arc in Turin
Boldly suspended at 65 meters of height
Torino (TO)
Orsini Castle in Rivalta di Torino
The medieval fortress defending the town
Rivalta di Torino (TO)
Palazzo a Vela in Turin
From Italia '61 to 2006 Olympic Games
Torino (TO)
Palazzo Carignano in Turin
Birthplace of the first King of Italy and housing today the Risorgimento Movement Museum
Torino (TO)
Palazzo Madama in Turin
Two thousand years of history of the town of Turin
Torino (TO)
Pulcherada Abbey in San Mauro Torinese
Founded during the Frankish period
San Mauro Torinese (TO)
Rotta Castle in Moncalieri
Where Vittorio Amedeo II, imprisoned by his own son, became mad and died
Moncalieri (TO)
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