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The territory of Po Torinese Park is particularly rich in artistic and architectural evidences left by man during the centuries.
Starting from the Roman age, besides the remains of Augusta Taurinorum (Turin at the times of the Romans), the ruins of the Roman town of Industria, in Monteu Da Po, are particularly interesting.
There are several medieval, Romanesque, Gothic evidences, especially among churches, abbeys, shelters, and castles of the small villages scattered in the hills of Chivassese and in the towns of Carmagnola, Carignano, Chivasso, Crescentino, and Moncalieri.
The 17th-18th centuries are the period for which we find several and spectacular evidences: in this period, almost everywhere the old medieval castles were transformed in sumptuous noble houses or in almost impregnable fortresses, while the simple Romanesque churches are replaced by sinuous Baroque structures, mainly in bricks.
The monumental works of water intake and channels for irrigation purposes date back to the 19th century: they have transformed and characterized the whole Chivassese area (especially in Chivasso, Saluggia, and Villareggia).
Real pearls of the territory are the Royal Apartments of the Savoia family, which have become World Heritage Sites: the castles of Moncalieri, Racconigi, and Valentino, the Royal Palace and Madama and Villa della Regina in Turin, the complex of La Mandria in Chivasso and the Hunting Lodge of Stupinigi in Nichelino.
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