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Chivassese Area (The Po of the Hills)

Several are the evidences of the art, the industriousness and initiative of man in the territory of the Po of the Hills, a passage, border, and contact area.
Starting from the excavations of the Roman town of Industria to the abbeys and Romanesque-style small churches concealed in the hills or in the villages, to the castles and shelters, to the great works that are the result of the precise and wise architectural and technical planning like the complex of Mandria di Chivasso or the water intake and channeling structures.

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Biandrate Castle in Foglizzo
A fortress dominating the town
Foglizzo (TO)
Bridge over the River Po in Verrua Savoia
The most ancient bridge for 100 km
Verrua Savoia (TO)
Castagneto Po Castle
Where Carla Bruni used to play when she was a child
Castagneto Po (TO)
Castle and Shelter of Borgo del Luogo in Brusasco
An oasis in the hills
Brusasco (TO)
Cerello Farmstead in Chivasso
Ancient rural complex that belonged to many noblewomen
Chivasso (TO)
Depretis Channel Intake in Villareggia
1785 irrigation channel
Villareggia (TO)
Industria Roman Settlement in Monteu da Po
Blacksmiths worshipping Isis
Monteu Da Po (TO)
Intake of Cavour Channel in Chivasso
Where the most important channel of Italy begins
Chivasso (TO)
Leu in Casalborgone
A shelter on the hill
Casalborgone (TO)
Madonnina Sanctuary in Verolengo
Thaumaturgical fame and popular devotion
Verolengo (TO)
Mazzè Castle
Dominating the morainic amphitheater of Ivrea and Dora Baltea
Mazzè (TO)
Montanaro Abbey Complex
Scenic example of Baroque architecture
Montanaro (TO)
Octagonal Tower in Chivasso
The last evidence of Monferrato castle
Chivasso (TO)
Regia Mandria in Chivasso
Where the king's horses were born
Chivasso (TO)
Rural Culture Museum (Museo delle Contadinerie) in Lauriano
Agriculture and craftsmanship of the recent past
Lauriano (TO)
Saints Gervasio and Protasio Church in Mazzè
A panorama on the area of Vercelli
Mazzè (TO)
San Genesio Church in Castagneto Po
New Romanesque next to Regio Fonte
Castagneto Po (TO)
San Pietro Cemetery Church in Brusasco
One of the most important Romanesque works in Piedmont
Brusasco (TO)
Santa Fede Abbey in Cavagnolo
Founded by the Benedictines from Auvergne
Cavagnolo (TO)
Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral in Chivasso
A wonderful Gothic façade in terracotta
Chivasso (TO)
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