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Torinese Area (the Po of the Kings)

The area of the Po of the Kings, densely urbanized, is characterized by a rich texture of elegant and solemn baroque architectures witnessing the period in which Turin, taking Vienna and Paris as models, was one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Here the Kings who decided the fate of the State used to live. However, Turin was and still is a crossroads for pilgrims and merchants, soldiers and artists, researchers and entrepreneurs who have given and continue to give their contribution, enriching the lively cultural, artistic, and architectural texture of the town and its surroundings.

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Royal Palace in Turin
Sober and solemn structures conceal a splendid residence
Torino (TO)
Sambuy Castle in San Mauro Torinese
Noble residence facing the river Po
San Mauro Torinese (TO)
Stupinigi Hunting Lodge in Nichelino
Sumptuous Baroque lodge with a perfect bilateral symmetry
Nichelino (TO)
Superga Basilica in Turin
To comply with Vittorio Amedeo II's vow
Torino (TO)
The Fountain of the Months in Turin
Rocaille nostalgia and Liberty ideas
Torino (TO)
The Fruit Museum in Turin
From university collection to evidence of disappeared varieties
Torino (TO)
Turin Archaeological Museum
From the paleolithic to the Middle Ages
Torino (TO)
Valentino Castle in Turin
For Maria Cristina's amusement
Torino (TO)
Valentino Medieval Village in Turin
One of the most picturesque places of the town
Torino (TO)
Valentino Rocky and Rose Gardens in Turin
Built on occasion of Flor '61 and Flor '92
Torino (TO)
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