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Isola Sant'Antonio Melons

Slimy and clayey soils, abundance of water, and high summer temperatures create the ideal environment for musk melons: for this reason, agricultural holdings of Castelnuovo Scrivia, Sale, and Casalcermelli cultivate them. Among the others, Isola Sant'Antonio stands out for its local production known all over Italy. In the past, its territory - surrounded by the waters of the rivers Po, Tanaro, and Scrivia - consisted of a group of islands crossed by canals: the several floods have formed a sandy soil, particularly suitable for this cultivation.

Crossed by raised networks and characterized by green streaks, musk melons are round or oblong with a very scented orange pulp.
Harvesting begins in mid-July - together with the traditional festival held in Isola Sant'Antonio - and continues until mid-September. Today, melons are not only used as appetizer or dessert fruit, but also to prepare jams and pickles.

Isola Sant'Antonio Melons
Isola Sant'Antonio Melons
(photo by: Archivio Aree Protette Po vercellese-alessandrino)
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