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The Park Horse Riding Trail - 4th Stretch: San Raffaele Cimena - Crescentino

On horseback         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Bird Watching Great Interest: Panorama Great Interest: Religion Great Interest: Archeology Great Interest: Hystory Great Interest: Photography 
  • Length: 42 km
  • Localities Crossed: San Raffaele Cimena, Castagneto Po, San Sebastiano Da Po, Lauriano, Monteu Da Po, Cavagnolo, Brusasco, Verrua Savoia, Crescentino

Description of the route from San Raffaele to Crescentino (west-east direction)

Once you get out from the Horse Riding Center "Amici del Cavallo" in San Raffaele Cimena, head for the river Po. Beyond a bird watching hut, get off from the embankment on the left, by taking a parallel road which, after running along the river for a short stretch, draws away from it, goes beyond a bar, and meets a large gravelly road you will follow towards the left. Go ahead always on the embankment which, near an artificial small hill, turns right (ignore the detour on the left). The road goes down and becomes a dirt road, crosses the fields and becomes a not easily visible track running along a small bank which is not accessible.

Further information (Italian text)

Wading on horseback
Wading on horseback
(photo by: Andrea Miola)
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